About me

An entrepreneurial student that is always on the look for unique experiences and lives for wonderful stories..

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I'm Fabiën

A 21 year old whirlwind born and raised in a small village in Noord-Brabant who wants to discover everything about online marketing and who loves to be in a theme park.

As long as I can remember I have been passionate about stories. I was all ears when my parents read from the great fairytale book. Once a year we visited the Efteling and that was the most magical day of the year. I loved seeing how guests could get immersed into the most beautiful fairytales that came to life and leave their daily worries behind. I soon knew I wanted to be part of this process.

The moment I found the study ‘Attractions & Theme Parks Management’, I did not hesitate for a moment and enrolled myself.


During this bachelor we have done various projects for companies such as Europa-Park and Tripsdrill. During that time I discovered that my passions were in marketing and storytelling. In my fourth year I followed the minor ‘Storytelling and Consumer Behavior’ where we were able to do a project for the Efteling.

In addition to my education, I had been working on my own travel blog for a number of years. I loved having my own online space where I could use my creativity and above all I loved learning how everything worked online. As a result, I quickly knew what SEO was, how WordPress works and what all the possibilities are with social media.

I get a lot of satisfaction out of others having a good time. This not only applies during a ‘day out’ itself, but also in the time before and after the day. I get annoyed by boring advertisements and meaningless content. I believe that much more is possible with content marketing. Content that guests are actually interested in, so that a valuable connection can be built between the guest and the company.

Where to find me?

I have a travel blog!

I’ve been running a travel & leisure blog for a couple of years now called Fabtastictravels.com where I share unique experiences and useful travel tips.

I work in an animation team

Since 2016 I work in the animation team of the best children’s campsite of Europe: Camping de Paal.


I followed the bachelor Leisure management at the Breda University of Applied Sciences for four years with a focus Attractions and Theme parks Management. Currently I follow the pre-master Leisure & Tourism Studies.

My dream

It’s my dream to help entrepreneurs and companies in the leisure industry with experience marketing & storytelling while traveling the world as a Digital Nomad…

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever.”

- Walt disney

My experience

Although my education is not specifically aimed at marketing, I have been able to gain a lot of experience in recent years. It is because of my diverse and project-oriented education that I have gained insight in various areas such as operations, change management, marketing and imagineering. In addition, I did two internships and a minor with a focus on marketing and storytelling.

In addition, in my spare time I have been working on my own platforms for years, so I have gained a lot of insight into WordPress, Social media, Influencer marketing, Pinterest marketing, Google Analytics etc. I also write every now and then for MarketingFacts, I visit various online marketing events, I read a lot of books and I regularly follow online courses.

Can I help you with something? Don’t hesitate and