Research Dutch Grand Prix: impact residents of Zandvoort

During the first weeks of my master in Leisure & Tourism Studies, a lecturer approached me asking if I would support her with the collection, analysis and reporting for the economic impact research for the Dutch Grand Prix. The first thing I said was: ‘but I really feel nothing for cars’. Fortunately, she felt the same and after hesitating for a moment whether I would be able to do this, I decided to say yes.

Impact residents Zandvoort

The residents of Zandvoort were my responsibility. With a data set of about 1,500 respondents out of a total of 17,000 residents in Zandvoort, it was bound to work out. In general, 95 percent of the residents were thrilled and enormously proud that the event took place in Zandvoort. On average, compared to visitors and entrepreneurs, residents gave the event the highest mark, an 8.9. The results were therefore extremely positive. Only a small group was critical, in my opinion rightly so, for example about the impact the event has on the environment.

All in all, this was a hugely unique opportunity and I’m very happy that despite my disinterest in cars, I got and seized the opportunity. “You still won’t see me on the circuit itself, but I get very happy when I read how much joy it brings to the people of Zandvoort” is what I wrote in 2021. But then in 2022 something unimaginable happened..

Visiting the Grand Prix

Since the data collection was supposed to happen for three years, my teacher asked me in the summer of 2022 if I wanted to visit the Grand Prix and collect data myself. At first, I was not very enthusiastic. But then some of my colleagues, all very jealous, thought I was crazy for not wanting to go. So I decided to go, just for one day, but this girl watched Max Verstappen racing.

The experience was.. interesting.. But it’s incredible to see so many people come together to enjoy and share their passion for racing. One of the couples I interviewed in particular was very memorable. Both fully dressed from top to toe in expensive Grand Prix merchandise, sharing their love for Max, saying that this is THE event they’re excited for the whole year. And just seeing those passionate fans, gave me the joy which made the whole experience worth it.

In the news..

The results of the study were published by various news sites such as the AD, Telegraaf, NRIT and various Formula 1 sites. The survey itself is the download on the BUas website.

Zegers, K., Klijs, J., Vlems, F., van Dijk – Ratgers, L., & van de Graaf, J. (2022). Onderzoeksrapportage impact Dutch Grand Prix Zandvoort 2021 : Economische en sociale impact van de Dutch Grand Prix voor bezoekers, bewoners en bedrijven. Breda University of Applied Sciences.

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