The Marvelous Mile: pop-up event for Mrs Maisel’s new season

To generate buzz for the latest season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, New York’s 5th Avenue underwent a colorful transformation, immersing visitors in the glamorous world of 1950s New York City. Besides organizing a day full of fun activities, Amazon collaborated with brands, businesses and fans to bring the story world of Midge even further alive. I simply had to see it for myself!

The first time I was introduced to the series, was when my roommate came home with a bunch of merchandise he had gotten from the wrap party. After eating one of the Manischewitz cookies he shared with me, I asked him his thoughts about the series. He then went on telling me he’d never seen a single episode, though working on the set for several weeks. That’s the moment we decided it was time to start watching.

About the series

The Amazon Prime show, set in 1950s New York City, follows the story of Miriam “Midge” Maisel, a housewife who discovers her talent for stand-up comedy after her husband leaves her. The series explores Midge’s journey as she navigates the male-dominated comedy scene and struggles to balance her newfound career with her responsibilities as a mother. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has become a fan favorite and has won numerous awards, including multiple Emmys and Golden Globes.

Set-up of the event

Since I had planned to visit the event later in the afternoon, I quickly checked my Instagram while working from my WeWork office near Wallstreet. You’ve got to be kidding me. The whole cast was on Wallstreet an hour ago announcing and celebrating the kick-off of the new season? If I would’ve just gone out for a little walk I would’ve encountered the press event including all the actors and producers of the series. Well, too bad.

Excited about all the content I had already seen on Instagram, I made my way to one of the busiest streets of New York, the one I always try to avoid since I end up dodging tourists. At the beginning of 46th Street, brand ambassadors in costume handed out maps that showcased all the activities and movie locations for the pop-up event. Let me take you on my little adventure.

5th Avenue Goes Pink: Fun Activities Galore

Everywhere you looked, shades of pink filled the street. From the pink taxi drivers to the vibrant pink carpet running from 46th to 56th. On the side curbs, people queued up for various photo opportunities that allowed them to recreate some of the movie’s iconic scenes. To add to the glamour, some of the original costumes from the movie were displayed at Saks Fifth Avenue, vintage cars were showcased on the street, and fun goodies from the 50s were handed out like our Old Fashioned Cocktail kit.

Brand Collaborations Bring The World of the 50s to Life

Next to organizing the pop-up event, Amazon partnered up with various brands and businesses to further promote the new series with their ‘Maisel Tov’ campaign. Some of the brand and business partnerships include Pantone’s specially curated color palettes, Candier’s limited edition Maisel scented candles, Betty Crocker’s reveal of popular recipes from the era, and Tupperware’s latest collection of vintage ’60s-inspired bowls. Additionally, the TWA Hotel offered a ’60s-style workout class where costumes are encouraged. These partnerships not only generate excitement for the final season but also provide fans with a unique and engaging way to connect with the world of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”.

Marvelous User-Generated Content by Fans

One very strong element of the campaign, in my opinion, was the huge design for embodied fan practices. Fans were encouraged to dress up in their favorite 50s/60s costume and recreate the iconic scenes of the movie, either at the designated photo spots or the original filming locations illustrated on the map. And they also got the spotlight that they deserved on the Instagram Stories of @maiseltv on Instagram where they celebrated all the content created by fans.

Not only the fans that attended the event participated in the creation of user-generated content, fans from all over the world used their creativity to make paintings, bake cookies, and dress up to celebrate the new season.

I think Amazon has done an outstanding job bringing alive the story world of this series. I love how they chose their brand collaborations like Tupperware to really go back in time with product collaborations instead of just adding the logo on modern home products. For me, seeing all the enthusiastic fans dressed up for the event was a highlight of the day. I can imagine that there are not a lot of opportunities to get your costume out of the closet (if it’s not your everyday wear). The fact that Amazon created a time and space for this community in my opinion is great.

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